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Lens Version History

What's new in version (Download)

  • Fix: The URL for the Padding Oracle attack contained wrong test string.
  • Fix: The Padding Oracle test module changed to verify the response content instead of the return URL.

What's new in version (Download)

  • New feature: Test module for the Padding Oracle Attack has been added.

What's new in version (Download)

  • Breaking change: the project "Platform target" is changed from "Any CPU" to "x86" to make all IE P/Invoke calls working. This required to suppress the CS1607 compiler warning.
  • New feature: Save session fixation cookie to the Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer cookie stores.
  • New feature: Send feedback and Submit bugs buttons on the status bar.
  • Fix: "Cookie value" access key collision on the Session fixation tab.
  • Fix: Modules handle empty target URL more gracefully.
  • Enhancement: Tooltip added for the Open button.
  • Enhancement: Visual feedback if the target URL is not specified.
  • Enhancement: Buttons are disabled if input values are invalid.
  • Enhancement: The Output Window automatically scrolls to the last message.
  • Enhancement: the Generate random feature of the Session fixation module logs an event to the Output Window.
  • Source enhancement: Added detailed comments for the Styles.xaml.
  • Source enhancement: ValidationHelper class.
  • Source enhancement: Values for debugging are initialized in a Conditional method of MainWindow.
  • Source enhancement: useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true" is added to app.config to pass .NET 4 version warning.

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